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Weld Wheels

Luvata for all your welding needs.

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Luvata offers weld wheels that are designed specifically with your application in mind.

Welding wheel alloys include Class I, Class II and Class III.  Common weld wheels are in sizes up to 20".

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  • Kova®  copper, nickel, silicon and chromium (CuNiSiCr)
  • Copper Zirconium (CuZr)
  • Copper Chrome Zirconium (CuCrZr)
  • Copper Nickel Silicon (CuNiSi)
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Kova® - the 'beryllium-free' alloy made of copper, nickel, silicon and chromium (CuNiSiCr). 

Kova is a high-strength, beryllium-free precipitation hardening alloy with medium-high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Kova is the perfect replacement for harmful beryllium copper alloys.


  • Easy to machine and form
  • Extended use due to hardness
  • High strength with moderate thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Easy disposal


  • Adaptors
  • Shanks
  • Projection welding electrodes
  • Weld wheels


Kova® NK203 is a RWMA Class III alloy
Chemical composition
Ni 1.8 - 3.0%; Si 0.4 - 0.8%; Cr 0.1 - 0.8%; Fe 0.15% max;. Cu balance
Physical, electrical and thermal properties
Density:  8.8 kg/dm3
Coefficient of linear expansion:  0.0000175 1/K

Specific heat:  380 J/(kg x K)
Melting temperature:  1020 - 1040°C
Electric conductivity:  22 - 24 MS/m
Electrical conductivity (% IACS):  38 - 42%
Electrical resistivity (mass):  0.37 - 0.41 g/m3
Thermal conductivity (20°C):  220 W/Km

Acceptance test certificate EN-CEN/TS 13388:2008

Errors and omissions excepted.  Values given are industry standards.

Mechanical Specifications

Form of supplyTensile strength [N/mm2] 0.2% Offset yield strength [N/mm2] Elongation AS [%] Hardness HV

Kova by Luvata


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